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Olympia Orthopaedic Associates is dedicated to offering our patients effective and state-of-the-art procedures. As a part of that dedication, Dr. Jerome Zechmann offers the ZUK Unicompartmental Knee.

Are you a partial knee candidate? Partial knee replacement preserves the normal knee function better than total knees, are easier to recover from, and have a higher satisfaction rate than total knee replacement.

Dr. Zechmann is an expert in partial knee replacements and has one of the highest volume of partial knee replacements in the state of Washington.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Zechmann call (360) 709-6230 or click here to request an appointment online.


ZUK Unicompartmental Knee

Simply innovative

Durable fixation

The ZUK design is based largely upon its predecessor M/G, a product that has been used clinically since 1998. Both M/G and ZUK show excellent long-term tibial fixation clinical follow-up.

2 optimally positioned femoral pegs

  • Femoral Peg location changes by size for optimal fixation


Angled femoral pegs

  • Angled femoral pegs are designed to enhance femoral fixation by providing resistance to loosening forces during flexion up to 118°


3 points of tibial fixation

  • 2 hour-glass peg and the rotational fin are intended to guard against shear and rotational forces



Natural kinematics

The ZUK Uni Knee is designed to replicate the kinematics of the natural knee with normal axial rotation and posterior femoral rollback.

Extended posterior condyle

  • Is designed to accommodate high flexion up to 155°

Round-on-flat articulation

  • Unconstrained design intended to allow soft tissues to dictate motion of the knee
  • Round-on-flat articulation design intended to allow +/- vargus/valgus tilt without edge loading


Patient matching

Anatomically shaped tibial and femoral components are designed to provide maximum bone coverage.

Universal compatibility

  • Optimal sizing designed to match patient anatomy
  • 42 possible sizing combinations

Comprehensive sizing

  • 7 femoral sizes and 6 tibial sizes
  • Size specific articular surfaces offered in 1mm thickness increments



Simply versatile

Lateral and bi-compartmental clinical solutions

Freedom to perform medial, lateral and bi-compartmental procedures.


  • A study on the use in the lateral compartment showed no revisions at 12 years.


  • 35 differend sizing combinations to accommodate varying patient anatomies
  • Independently oriented components allow precise alignment and rotation

Reproducible instrumentation options

Reproducible instrumentation and technique flow is designed to reduce the learning curve associated with UKAs

3 instrument options same great implant

  • Reproducible spacer block, extramedullary, and intramedullary instrumentation options allow surgeons to customize their surgical procedure
  • The spacer block technique simplifies the balancing process by linking the tibial and femoral cuts


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