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Dedicated to providing the most advanced treatment options for our patients, Olympia Orthopaedic Associates offers sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion surgery using the iFuse Implant System®. With more than 20,000 procedures performed over the last several years, the iFuse Implant System® is a minimally invasive surgical option for SI joint pain that has not been resolved by more conservative treatments.

If you are suffering from pain related to SI joint dysfunction caused by SI joint disruption, degenerative sacroiliitis, or SI joint conditions related to pregnancy, you may be a candidate for SI joint fusion surgery.

SI Joint Fusion Surgery Using the iFuse Implant System®

During SI fusion surgery, your surgeon will use the surgical technique specific to the iFuse Implant System®, which requires specialized training. You will be given either general or local anesthesia, and your surgeon will insert the specially prepared and designed implants within a small incision (approximately 2 – 3 cm long). Your surgeon will be guided by the system and real-time images using X-rays, which will provide the maximum protection to your surrounding tissues. This procedure takes approximately one hour, and your surgeon will determine your discharge based on your postsurgical status.

Your surgeon will arrange follow-up appointments to assess your progress and will advise you when to resume weight bearing, daily activities, and work, depending on your health status and occupation.

The Benefits of SI Joint Fusion Surgery Using iFuse

  • Design of the implant minimizes rotation and micromotion and immediately stabilizes the joint
  • Porous surface maximizes the anatomical adherence of the fusion
  • Smaller incision and minimal tissue disruption compared to a traditional SI joint surgery
  • Minimally invasive procedures reduce blood loss and operative time
  • Bone grafting is not necessary
  • The iFuse procedure has more than 30 published, peer-reviewed articles demonstrating safety and effectiveness

The iFuse Implant System® is the only SI joint fusion system with published results from a randomized, controlled trial and clinical studies demonstrating decreased pain, increased function, and improved quality of life. In one study involving 50 patients, complication rates were low with long-term positive outcomes. Patients reported significant improvements in daily life, and 82% of patients were satisfied 40 months after their SI joint fusions and said they would have the surgery again.

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates’ spine surgeon, Dr. Andrew Manista, has undergone additional training specifically in SI joint fusion surgery using the iFuse Implant System® and uses the most advanced treatments to get you back to your active lifestyle.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Manista to see if you are a candidate for SI joint fusion surgery, call (360) 709-6230 or request an appointment online.