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Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Total Ankle Replacement- Dr. Stephen Snow

Total ankle replacement is a viable surgical solution for pain reduction in the joint. It is a bone-conserving, less-invasive approach than in the past. This approach also is customized to the patient and can be done in an outpatient setting.

The INBONE™ Total Ankle System has many advantages:

  • Enhanced fixation
  • Bone preservation
  • Multiple modular components to assist in anatomical sizing
  • Thick poly insert for maximized resistance to wear
  • Allows patients to maintain an active lifestyle

The INBONE™ System has been designed to fit your specific anatomy because it is supported by an adjustable length stem and a fixed bearing system for enhanced fixation. The vertical fixation of the implant allows less bone removal and leaves the fibula completely intact. The talar component maximizes cortical bone support to minimize talar subsidence.

Please view this video to learn more about this procedure and there is also additional information below.