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Ryan E. Will, M.D.

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Will.

“Operated on my fractured femur. He did a wonderful job on follow ups and was able to explain the procedure plainly so I could understand him.”
– Charles L.
Treated by: Ryan E. Will, M.D.
“Everything went perfect, I had no pain at all for the repair of my ankle. The surgery was in time. And the Dr. Will did a beautiful job, and everything was explained. My recovery was great. I would recommend Olympia Orthopedic to anyone. Thank you.”
– Lorraine R.
Treated by: Ryan E. Will, M.D.
“Dr. Will has been an incredible doctor. I love his unhurried style and his willingness to answer all my questions and in detail. He did my surgery and my follow up appointments and I will certainly refer him if any of my friends is unfortunate to break any bones and need his help.”
– Andrea C.
Treated by: Ryan E. Will, M.D.
“I appreciated the provider being down to earth and easy to talk to. He was genuinely interested in my recovery.”
– Greg B.
Treated by: Ryan E. Will, M.D.
“For my last two visits I have been seeing Dr. Will's assistant. I have had great service every time that I have been in to get evaluated. If I get hurt again I will definitely come back here to get seen. ”
– Thomas T.
Treated by: Ryan E. Will, M.D.